Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss recently started a conversation with their bliss crafting community by posing the following inquiry: "What question you grappling with right now?"

For me, the answer was easy, and it is something I grapple with often, especially as I move deeper into the study of yoga.

How do I liberate myself from attachment and stay connected to my authentic self?

Yesterday, I received a heart waking email from a dear friend who described her recent emancipation from fear and anxiety. She achieved this radical shift by declaring, "I am not my fear, I am not my anxiety, thoughts, etc." And while I typically vibe more with positive affirmations, there was tremendous power in her "I am not..." statement. Detachment is shedding the ego to recognize that I am not my fear, I am not my pain, I am not my shame. However, the conundrum that I grapple with is, does detachment also mean that I am not my joy, I am not my peace, I am not my creative expression?

What lights me up is connection, to myself and how do I experience that connection and at the same time, liberate my waking life from attachment? Are connection and detachment mutually exclusive?

Love and gratitude to Jacki for always stoking the fire of self inquiry!