The fire element, agni, is the energy of accelerated change or dissolution, it transforms matter from one state to another.  It's the churning of digestion, the energy of passion and personal power.  For this reason, when we think of the fire element, we most often think of extreme heating with movement that is erratic and unpredictable.  Yet, fire element is intrinsically meditative.  One of the earliest forms of meditation for humans was to simply become mesmerized by gazing into the fire. 

Striking a balance of this element within the body is all about the practice of intelligent firekeeping.  We have to stoke the inner fire enough so that the flames do not weaken, but no so much that we "burn out" and consume all of our physical, mental and emotional resources.  On the mat, excessive fire can manifest as ego.  We push too hard or we chase a particular pose.  When in balance, the fire element supports healthy, steady strength and a slow heating of the body from the inside out.   This practice explores all forms of the fire element, both stoking the flame and cooling the inner fire.