Yoga Every Day: More Than a Hashtag


If you’re a yoga practitioner in 2016, chances are you have had some exposure to the yoga of social media. You may even be familiar with the “yoga every damn day” hashtag that unites a community of yogis in the pursuit of a devoted daily practice. But what does #yogaeverydamnday really mean and is it in the realm of wise practice? While some are quick to condemn this social media movement with cautions of injury, demands for moderation and a strict adherence to tradition, perhaps it warrants closer examination.

Maybe #yogaeverydamnday is meant to celebrate the yogic lifestyle and encourage committed daily practice. Or maybe there exists a deeper level of embedded insight in this seemingly innocuous hashtag than what can be communicated in a well-staged image or video. At the very least, it serves as an entry point for discussing how yoga every day is actually a lifestyle choice.


From neuroscience to somatics, we are in the midst of a burgeoning curiosity about human experience and consciousness that has inspired the application of modern methods of observation, measurement, and analysis to substantiate the positive effects of daily yoga practice. As research catches up with the sages, this systematic scientific inquiry has, in many cases, confirmed the poetry of ancient wisdom and sacred texts. Common to both the science and the spirit of sadhana, we find the benefits of yoga every day are undeniable.

Excerpts from my latest article on My Yoga on Gaia, you can read the full article here: Yoga Every Day: More Than a Hashtag.