Summer Solstice Sadhana

This year has felt like one of these videos, moving at hyperspeed.  This summer solstice finds me with both a happy and heavy heart as this will be my last summer season in Japan.  The lunar softness of the new moon coupled with the fullest expression of light as the sun transitions to its southerly journey is an invitation to turn inward.  I have been reflecting on this year's journey around the sun so far and feel my mind and body prepared for the next 6 months of receptivity.  There are many huge changes ahead and I welcome them all with an open heart. 

Today I open to the great potential for happiness that accompanies change, from Osho's Hammer on the Rock, Chapter 3 - Be Madly in Love with Life:

"Happy people continuously change and because they change they become more happy; then more change is possible".

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