Everybody Dumps.

After months and months of waiting, Jon and I finally had enough of the pieces in place to take Silver Heels out on our first "camping" trip together.  I use the term camping loosely and in quotations because we were on a site where we readily hooked up to city water and power.  Not to mention we were just a mile down the road from a warm shower, a full-service kitchen and a body shop at the Hand-cienda (my parents' house) in case anything went wrong.  Still, it was perfectly problematic in all the right ways.  

I won't bore you with the minutia of everything we learned on our first 2 nights in our new home on wheels, but every little thing was exciting, albeit frustrating at times.  We learned how to set up camp and manage an unruly hitch, we learned how the on/off switches for the water heater are installed backwards so our cold showers were just for fun, we learned that tanks overflow - sometimes into the shower and most importantly, we learned that everybody dumps.  It's a natural part of living and one of the lesser talked about tasks involved with life on the road, but we did it and it wasn't the end of the world.  We did invest in some disposable gloves immediately however.  

As a blessing in disguise, our official departure date has been delayed by a week or so.  All the more time to get to know our sweet Silver Heels and give her one last clean-up before leaving the comforts of home.  In the meantime, we're starting to appreciate that she knows more about navigating the outdoors than we do and we will defer to her wisdom, always.