What is Global Mala?

The purpose of Global Mala (mala means circle or garland in sanskrit) is to unite people around the planet in collective movement with an intention for peace.  This movement coincides with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace and the auspicious season of the autumnal equinox. Global Mala was lovingly developed in 2007 by Shiva Rea, you can learn more about the worldwide movement here: www.globalmala.com.

Seva (Service)

The deeper intention of Global Mala is an embodiment of seva or sacred service.  This year, all Global Mala Japan events will be contributing 100% of the energetic and financial currency generated to the Kodomo Hope Project, an organization that offers yoga, inspiration and love to youth populations in the areas affected by the 2011 earthquake in northern Japan.  Together, we will be a part of the vibration that promotes empowered peace and lasting change through compassion and love. 

Event Details 

We will be spreading the love from September 19 - 20 in several locations, please visit the links below for specific details and registration for each event!

Practicing a Yoga Mala

Never practiced a yoga mala before?  Click below for information on how a yoga mala works and to learn more about the postures that make up Sun Salutation A and B