for the love of flow

Physical Focus ||  Twisting + Cleansing abdominal organs
Energetic Focus || Entering the meditative flow as we prepare for the Vernal Equinox
Pilgrimage Pose || Twists + Balance
Class Length || 60-75 min

Opening Wave

DD - HP - knees down chaturanga - cobra - chaturanga - DD (alternate vinyasa)
repeat x 3

Warming Wave: Mandala Namaskar

ardha chandrasana A each side
bottom arm reaches opposite direction
basic vinyasa to DD
1LDD (right)
lunge -> samana - vyana pulsation
crescent - lizard - sahaja skandasana - lizard ( to back) - crescent
BV to DD
start with right leg again to complete circle
trikonasana + prasarita padottanasana

repeat mandala on left side with
vira 2 + star (prana mudra vinyasa)
left again to complete circle
parsvakonasana + low goddess squat crossing arms in front

Core Cultivation

ball pose
malasana <-> uttanasana  x 3
malasana twist ea side
supported navasana - ardha parsva navasana alternating x 3

Evolution Wave 1

urdhva hastasana - yoga mudra
uttanasana w/ yoga mudra
standing twist to open twist in utkatasana
side 2
BV to DD
1LDD (right) - open hip with straight extended leg, shoulders square (feel the opening in standing leg)
bend extended knee
twisted core plank to open hip (keeping knee bent) x 3
crescent lunge
supported twist + ganesh's trunk pulsation
supported side plank - lift and lower hips
lower hips to earth, shift to face back of mat
janu sirsasana (right knee bends)
parivrtta janu sirsasana
right hand to top of mat
lift hips
core plank
side 2


utkatasana - right heel to sit bone
vira 3, tap opp heel  with extended foot x 3
utkatasana , side 2
utkatasana - standing pigeon ea side (pratikriyasana)
utkatasana - right heel to sit bone
vira 3
ardha chandrasana B
utkatasana, side 2

Evolution Wave 2

urdhva hastasana - yoga mudra
uttanasana w/ yoga mudra
standing twist to prayer twist in utkatasana
side 2
BV to DD
twisted core plank - straighten the leg
chaturanga arms
option for revolved vasisthasana
vira 1
revolved trikonasana
revolved ardha chandrasana B
revolved twisting crescent
prayer twist in high lunge
prayer twist
side crow, crouching ball pose to chaturanga

Closing Wave

ardha kapotasana - twist
agni stambasana
ardha matsyendrasana
baddha konasana
side 2, reverse direction
roll to back, savasana w/ bolster under knees + blanket under head

Yoga for Athletes: quad love and IT band support


virasana w/ block, take opp elbows overhead
seated twist
heels in toes out, stretch the calves
DD <-> cow pose x 3
guided basic vinyasa x 3 (illustrate UD vs cobra)
walk to wide uttanasana
bend knees reach for opp wrists behind legs
thread the hands through, back of heart stretch
urdhva hasta - uttanasana, practice jumping back

Warming Wave: 3 x Dancing Warrior side waist opening ©Shiva Rea

Wave 1: Quadricep Focus

1LDD <-> core plank x 3
crescent lunge
lunge pulse with back leg + yoga mudra
release arms anjaneyasana
same hand to hip crease, backbend
hands to inside of foot
anjaneyasana twist w/ quad stretch
skandasana alternating
twisting prasarita padottanasana (walk hands around until legs are crossed)
1L chaturanga to belly, keep leg lifted
1L dhanurasana
HP - DD   
side 2

Wave 2: IT band focus

1LDD cross body core plank x 3, extend leg to side
core plank
crescent lunge, yoga mudra
lunge pulse with front leg
release arms OH - parsvottanasana
revolved triangle - bend + straighten knee
revolved half moon B
standing splits
supported twist
baby grasshopper
ardha matsyendrasana
prasarita paddottasana
skandasana alternating
vira 2
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2

Wave 3: Wall Work 

table, with heels to wall
step right foot forward - crescent lunge w/ back heel to wall
1LDD w/ knee bent
standing splits with wall, walk hands back
quad breather
side 2
ustrasana w/ wall

Closing Wave:

upavistha konasana, supine twist w/ quad stretch, savasana