Ananda Svarupa

Energetic Focus | Practice from Joy
Physical Focus | Shoulder Opening + Core Cultivation
Pilgrimage Pose | Pincha Mayurasana + Eka Pada Galavasana
Class Length | 60 - 75 min

Opening Wave

cat + cow
thread the needle > 1/2 bind
1A table > neck stretch
side 2 > open thread the needle ea side
dandayamna bharmanasana > sunbird > core plank
repeat x 3
open to supported side plank > knee taps
side 2 > hop to uttanasana

Warming Wave

Surya Namaskar A x 3

Evolution Wave 1

utkatasana > ardha utkatasana
eka pada tadasana (right leg lifts)
eka pada utkatasana
1LDD > open hip
parsvakonasana > hasta vinyasa
vira 2 > yoga mudra
side 1: alternating humble vira 2 side to side x 3
side 2: alternating parsvakonasana w/ forearm to thigh
side 1: prasarita padottanasana C side 2: prasarita padottanasana A
lunge > open knee
BV to DD
side 2
end with urdhva prasarita eka padasana 

Evolution Wave 2

eka pada tadasana (left leg lifts)
eka pada utkatasana
1LDD > open hip > floating wild thing
supported twist
upright twist + reverse
supported twist > supported vasisthasana
baby grasshopper
seated pigeon twist
agni stambasana
side 1: prasarita padottanasana forearms down
side 2: prasarita padottanasana > tripod headstand
lunge > open knee
BV to DD
side 2
end with urdhva prasarita eka padasana
eka pada tadasana
ardha utkatasana


Surya Namaskara A x 3 > end in DD

Peak Wave 1

pigeon dog
pigeon vasisthasana
walk hands back
vrksasana > eka pada utkatasana OR ardha baddha padmottanasana
flying pigeon (at back of mat)
1LDD > flip dog to wild thing
adho mukha svanasana
side 2

Peak Wave 2

DD > gomukhasana
1/2 garudasana arms, rock climber
arms overhead, hands to shoulder blades > reverse namaste side bend
side 2
block to wall, Iyengar tricep stretch (dolphin w/ block between arms at wall)
dolphin with knees bent
dolphin leg lifts
option for pincha mayurasana or other inversion practice

Closing Wave

ardha baddha padmasana fold
marichyasana twist
wheel of life pose w/ wall support
paschimottanasana facing wall
savasana (feet to wall)

Still Listening

Physical Focus | Core Cultivation
Energetic Focus | Clearing Resistance in the Hips
Pilgrimage Pose | bakasana
Class Length | 60-75 min

Opening Wave

sukhasana > spinal rolls
seated bakasana upper back stretch
tadasana > sankalpa
utkatasana > heavy breaths x 3
uttanasana shake
BV to DD

Warming Wave

Hip Opening Mandala w/ prasarita padottanasana C
(Right) : vira 2, parsvakonasana
(Left) : trikonasana, ardha chandra B

Evolution Wave 1

hover left leg, step left foot back
right heel to navel > 1LDD (right)
lizard w/ foot to opp side pulse (like pigeon prep)
malasana twist + bind
bakasana lift
hover right leg, step right foot back
left heel to navel > 1LDD (left)
lizard w/ foot to outside pulse
Transition: ball pose > hop to shins >bakasana prep, lifting hips > hands to hip creases, heart lifts

Evolution Wave 2

uttanasana> hop feet 1/2 way back
bakasana hops
basic vinyasa to DD
vira 1 > yoga mudra
tumbling tree
anjaneyasana w/ yoga mudra
lizard > eka pada koundinyasana II
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2
Transition:  utkatasana > navasana > seated bakasana <> ardha navasanax 3 >> jump back chaturanga > DD > hop forward > navasana repeat x 3

Peak Wave

marichyasana A + floating marichyasana A
baddha konasana
side 2
wrist stretch > fingers face toes in table
hips to heels
bakasana w/ block under head
bakasana w/ block under feet
bakasana to chaturanga

Cooling Wave

childs pose > anahatasana
table top on forearms w/ eagle legs
gomukhasana side bend
side 2
supine twist

Svabhava Mudra

Physical Focus | Grounding + Backbends
Energetic Focus | Svabhava Mudra
Pilgrimage Pose | Ustrasana, Natarajasana, Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana
Class Length | 60-75 min

Opening Wave

seated facing long edge of mat
supported wide leg twist alternate
hold to one side + lift hips > alternate
supported navasana
cross ankles > hop to prasarita padottanasana
wide malasana w/ prana mudra > hands cross heart hug > bow in > repeat x 3
step to top of mat

Warming Wave

utkatasana + yoga mudra <> uttanasana
BV to DD
1LDD > lunge > 4 movements
BV to DD > side 2
Dancing Warrior w/ anjaneyasana w/ prana mudra > hands cross heart > bow in > prana mudra > lift front heel to deepen >> repeat x 2 w/ crescent+ vira 1

Core Cultivation

lower to belly > sphinx rolls (keep knees down)
forearm plank with knees down > lift alternate legs back

Flow Wave

standing side bend progression (hands to side waist, arms long, both arms OH)
BV to DD
DD > vasisthasana(top foot down) ea side
knees down > ustrasana prep (hands to low back)

1LDD > vira 2 > close eyes > lift front heel to deepen
reverse vira <> parsvakonasana progression (hands to side waist, 1 arm long, utthita) x 3
parsvakonasana > bind
BV to DD
vasisthasana ea side (pulse hips up + down)
knees down > ustrasana anjali mudra to back of head >  w/ 1 arm to neck, 1 arm overhead

side 2
BV to DD
vasisthasana with top arm pulse
knees down > full ustrasana

Peak Wave

crane <> standing splits x 3 > anjaney > ardha hanuman > crane
crane > natarajasana
standing cat + cow > side 2

Closing Wave

BV to DD
1LDD > pigeon
janu sirsasana
parighasana > side bend
side 2 reverse order