visshudha (5th chakra) - communication

Physical Focus ||  Backbends + Pratikriyasana
Energetic Focus || visshudha, communication
Pilgrimage Pose || natarajasana
Class Length || 60-75 min

“All of the delicate shades of feeling are a result of communication” – Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck.

We are able to more fully embrace our experience when we can articulate our inner world through art of language.  Visshudha is our communication center, it is where we feel connected, a sense of spiritual communion that happens when we feel truly understood. Consider through this practice as a dance between the throat closed (self-reflection) and the throat open (self-expression).

Opening Wave

seated in sukhasana, palms face down
jalandhara bandha - open/close the throat
wide circles with torso - open/close throat
supported boat pose
upward table
pulse x 3
lie back - shake out the legs & arms
roll to right side
press up bharavajasana
switch legs - side 2
hands to top of mat
table top

Wave 1: Warming Sunbird Flow

spinal balance
sunbird, bend elbows like chaturanga
repeat 3 times
last time, hug knee to chest x 3
sweep knee out to side - straighten
lower leg - FF
gate pose - lean right
*side 2
lower to belly

Wave 2: Surya Namaskar C w/ shoulder opening

spider fingers off the mat - cobra lifts
quad stretch each side
HP to DD
step or jump forward
urdhva hastasana
Half Moon A ea side
bend knees - chest to thighs
keep this - work the legs straight
step left left foot back
anjaneyasana - take opp thumbs overhead
basic vinyasa
inhale left foot forward - anajaneyasana - opp thumbs

Wave 3: Sun C - half splits, fallen warrior 

urdhva hastasana
Half moon A w/ opp elbows ea side
step left foot back
low lunge <--> half splits alternating
low lunge
1LDD (right leg lifts)
twisted core plank x 3
hold - option to open up

core plank
step thru low lunge
crescent lunge
cactus arms
basic vinyasa to DD
inhale left foot forward
*side 2

Transition: Chair to prayer twist ea side

chair pose
lift heels
lower to boat
upward plank
alternate x 3

Wave 4: Sun C Peak Wave - Natarajasana

urdhva hastansana
Half moon A w/ Shiva mudra
left foot back
right hand to right knee twist
wide lizard on the diagonal
come thru center
1LDD - right leg back
bend the knee without opening the hip, right knee moves up and back
high lunge (mulabandha)
hop switch x 3
airplane arms - leaning lunge
crane to FF
*side 2 (right leg steps back)

Wave 5: Neutralizing/Cooling

ball pose
malasana squat
lower shins
eagle arms - lift and lower
rabbit pose
side 2
walk the hands back or hop to ball pose
legs parallel, feet flat
wide legged twisting side to side
baddha konasana - FF
walk hands back, lower forearms
open throat
straighten the legs
slowly lower down
apanasana - round the spine
neutralize throat