delicate shades of trikonasana

Physical Focus ||  Hip + Hamstring Opening
Energetic Focus || energetic circuitry, circular actions to balance sthira + sukham
Pilgrimage Pose || Trikonasana
Class Length || 60-75 min

Opening Wave

inside out yoga mudra overhead, stretch side to side
standing cactus shoulder stretch
forearms together in front of gaze + palms touch, keep connection as arms straighten overhead
anjali mudra behind head, lift elbows

Warming Wave

Surya Namaskar B w/ Vira 2 side waist opening 3 rounds
step back HP
round 1: wide leg alternate knees in
round 2: 1A plank twisting torso only
round 3: step back HP <-> step forward ball pose alternating legs, progress lowering to chaturanga then both feet forward and back at the same time.
vira 2
back hand to hip, reverse vira 2
front forearm to thigh, parsvakonasana
vira 2
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2
step or jump forward to begin next round

Evolution Wave 1

wide uttanasana - chest to thighs wrap legs
basic vinyasa to DD
knees down spinal balance (right) 
hip opening pulsation (knee to tricep, twist + open hip)
right leg down, supported side plank
1LDD (left) open hip
low lunge
vira 1
basic vinyasa to DD
knees down, side 2

Evolution Wave 2

uttanasana  padangusthasana
basic vinyasa to DD
knees down spinal balance
right leg down, supported side plank
parighasana pulsation (like rev warrior -> trikonasana)
1LDD (left)
low lunge
trikonasana, peace fingers around big toe 
vira 2
prasarita padottanasana D
vira 2
ardha hanumanasana
send front leg back
spinal balance, side 2

Evolution Wave 3

uttanasana with big toe clasped out to side, alternate
basic vinyasa to DD
knees down spinal balance
right leg down, supported side plank
supported ardha chandrasana w/ top arm to side
optional half bow
low lunge
reverse warrior w/ bind  <-> trikonasana pulsation
ardha chandrasana B w/ half bind
twist left - supported vasisthasana
clasp big toe, vasisthasana full expression
back knee down, extend front leg back
spinal balance, side 2

Peak Wave

standing splits (right leg lifts)
ardha chandrasana B
ardha chandra chapasana
standing splits
lunge, hop switch
vira 3
utthita padangusthasana
standing pigeon
side 2

Closing Wave

supine gomukhasana
garudasana twist
side 2
ananda balasana
padma sarvangasana