Yoga for Athletes: quad love and IT band support


virasana w/ block, take opp elbows overhead
seated twist
heels in toes out, stretch the calves
DD <-> cow pose x 3
guided basic vinyasa x 3 (illustrate UD vs cobra)
walk to wide uttanasana
bend knees reach for opp wrists behind legs
thread the hands through, back of heart stretch
urdhva hasta - uttanasana, practice jumping back

Warming Wave: 3 x Dancing Warrior side waist opening ©Shiva Rea

Wave 1: Quadricep Focus

1LDD <-> core plank x 3
crescent lunge
lunge pulse with back leg + yoga mudra
release arms anjaneyasana
same hand to hip crease, backbend
hands to inside of foot
anjaneyasana twist w/ quad stretch
skandasana alternating
twisting prasarita padottanasana (walk hands around until legs are crossed)
1L chaturanga to belly, keep leg lifted
1L dhanurasana
HP - DD   
side 2

Wave 2: IT band focus

1LDD cross body core plank x 3, extend leg to side
core plank
crescent lunge, yoga mudra
lunge pulse with front leg
release arms OH - parsvottanasana
revolved triangle - bend + straighten knee
revolved half moon B
standing splits
supported twist
baby grasshopper
ardha matsyendrasana
prasarita paddottasana
skandasana alternating
vira 2
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2

Wave 3: Wall Work 

table, with heels to wall
step right foot forward - crescent lunge w/ back heel to wall
1LDD w/ knee bent
standing splits with wall, walk hands back
quad breather
side 2
ustrasana w/ wall

Closing Wave:

upavistha konasana, supine twist w/ quad stretch, savasana