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Physical Focus | Core Cultivation
Energetic Focus | Clearing Resistance in the Hips
Pilgrimage Pose | bakasana
Class Length | 60-75 min

Opening Wave

sukhasana > spinal rolls
seated bakasana upper back stretch
tadasana > sankalpa
utkatasana > heavy breaths x 3
uttanasana shake
BV to DD

Warming Wave

Hip Opening Mandala w/ prasarita padottanasana C
(Right) : vira 2, parsvakonasana
(Left) : trikonasana, ardha chandra B

Evolution Wave 1

hover left leg, step left foot back
right heel to navel > 1LDD (right)
lizard w/ foot to opp side pulse (like pigeon prep)
malasana twist + bind
bakasana lift
hover right leg, step right foot back
left heel to navel > 1LDD (left)
lizard w/ foot to outside pulse
Transition: ball pose > hop to shins >bakasana prep, lifting hips > hands to hip creases, heart lifts

Evolution Wave 2

uttanasana> hop feet 1/2 way back
bakasana hops
basic vinyasa to DD
vira 1 > yoga mudra
tumbling tree
anjaneyasana w/ yoga mudra
lizard > eka pada koundinyasana II
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2
Transition:  utkatasana > navasana > seated bakasana <> ardha navasanax 3 >> jump back chaturanga > DD > hop forward > navasana repeat x 3

Peak Wave

marichyasana A + floating marichyasana A
baddha konasana
side 2
wrist stretch > fingers face toes in table
hips to heels
bakasana w/ block under head
bakasana w/ block under feet
bakasana to chaturanga

Cooling Wave

childs pose > anahatasana
table top on forearms w/ eagle legs
gomukhasana side bend
side 2
supine twist

imagiNATION: Sweat with Purpose

Physical Focus || garudasana shoulder opening to leverage deeper twist
Energetic Focus || set intention from possibility
Pilgrimage Pose || parsva bakasana
Class Length || 60-75 min


begin standing, open twist pressing palms away

Warming Waves: Surya Namaskar B x 3

round 1: utkatasana w/ reverse namaste -> cactus arms -> side 2, anjaneyasana w/ reverse namaste (cross wrist, turn palms to touch OH)
round 2: utkatasana w/ yoga mudra to open twist ea side, crescent w/ yoga mudra
round 3: utkatasana w/ palms touching (or agni mudra) to prayer twist each side, vira 1 w/ palms touching 

Evolution Wave 1

utkatasana - ardha utkatasana - standing crane (right leg lifts)
standing crane ←→ low lunge (hands down)
1LDD core plank x 3
crescent lunge w/ garuda arms (right arm under)
twist - arms unravel
lunge eka pada malasana (pistol) to step thru
marichyasana elephant trunk pulse (like bakasana in bent leg), lift hips and extended leg
open twist
seated tree, lift hips
alt core plank to back, step foot down lunge, side 2

between waves: twisting DD

Evolution Wave 2

utkatasana - ardha utkatasana - standing crane (right leg lifts)
vrksasana ←→ shooting star
standing crane leaning lunge
1LDD open core plank x 3
(block to inside of foot)
vira 2 w/ garuda arms (left arm under)
unravel arms -> utthita parsvakonasana
alternate garudasana arms + unraveling
parsvakonasana, hand to block inside, press hip open
side 1: skandasana w/ inside out yoga mudra + twist
side 2: skandasana  + 1/2 crow pose each side
turn to back, standing crane, side 2
after side 2, step back foot in malasana bakasana
between waves: 1A plank w/ knees down, open + draw under, hold

Evolution Wave 3

utkatasana - ardha utkatasana - standing crane
standing twist w/ knee bent
standing crane ←→ supported twist
vasisthasana - top arm pulses
1LDD cross core plank x 3, hold + straighten leg
(block to outside of foot)
vira 1 parsvottanasana
parivrtta trikonasana w/ block to outside
walk hands to IT band stretch
walk around to open side thru prasarita padottan.
turn to back crescent lunge w/ garuda arms (left arm under)
garudasana, twist to parivrtta padangusthasana
side 2
end in samastitihi

Peak Wave

parsva bakasana prep from uttanasana 
anjaneyasana w/ bind ea side
seated prayer twist to parsva bakasana ea. side

Closing Wave

ardha matsyendrasana
seated pigeon twist
wheel of life pose, side 2

new moon de-stimulation

Spiritual Focus || New Moon De-Stimulation
Physical Focus || Vira Flow
Pilgrimage Pose || Bakasana

In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly overriding our natural circadian rhythms.  We have screens and machines that keep us plugged in and powered on.  It can leave the body feeling drained and disconnected.  Through your own movement alchemy, begin to break the pattern of the overstimulated mind, be not distracted as you connect faithfully to the breath. With the natural dearth of light in the night sky as the new moon darkness is upon us, turn inward toward the sanctuary of your practice and embrace the same infinite space within that exists without. 

Opening Wave

supta tadasana
roll to right side
bharadvajrasana twist
knees separate, clover pose fold
side 2 [reverse order]
adho mukha svanasana (DD)
DD <-> puppy pose alternating
bent knee DD, chest to thighs, walk hands to feet
wide uttanasana, reach opp hands through to shins
1/2 lift bend knees <-> fold stretch back of heart
ardha uttansana, uttanasana, urdhva hastasana, samastitihi (ascent)
step to top of mat 

Warming Wave: Navasana + Surya Namaskar B

Surya B w/ vira 1
utkatasana - lower hips to heels, palms press down
navasana - hold 3 breaths <-> ardha navasanarepeat x 3
Surya B w/ vira 2
utkatsana - lower hips to heels, palms press down
navasana <-> ardha navasana - hold 3 breaths x 3
Surya B w/ crescent lunge, leaning lunge, float into vira 3

Wave 1: Vira 1 Evolution

utkatasana - lower hips to heels, palms press down
hands to earth, fee together, knees apart (bakasana w/ feet down)
step or jump back to chaturanga (staying low)
1LDD - core plank
vira 1
parivrtta trikonasana
urdhva prasarita eka padasana (SS)
parivrtta ardha chandrasana B
supported twist - lift torso
twisting lunge pulsation
hold in high lunge twist
step back foot into parsva utkatasana
parsva bakasana
bakasana prep to front, walk hands to heels, fold inward
return hands to front, step or jump back chaturanga
side 2, end in utkatasasana - samastitihi

Wave 2: Vira 2 Evolution

wide uttanasana - bhujapidasana prep
malasana - step or jump back to chaturanga
1LDD - core plank (open, hug heel to navel)
vira 2
star - horse w/ coffee press x 3
side 2: star <-> standing skanasana (bow) w/ arms to T
star w/ yoga mudra
parsva vira 2 <-> parsvakonasana w/ yoga mudra
vira 2 lift hands high, release strong arms vira 2
ardha chandrasana B
uttanasana, feet together
bakasana to jump back, side 2

Wave 3: Vira 3 Evolution 

1LDD - 1L chaturanga
leaning lunge, hands to heart
vira 3
standing padangusthasana
pass thru vira 3 to lower back foot
anjaneyasana w/ garuda arms
release arms to lizard
quad stretch
BV to DD [or] SS, taps to ardha matsyendra., SS, hop to 1L chaturanga
side 2

Closing Wave: 

janu sirsasana - low back stretch
baddha konasana
side 2
lower to back
supine twist with both legs
side 2