Physical Focus || spinal rotation/release
Energetic Focus || be yoga > uniting mind, body and breath
Class Length || 60 - 75 min

Opening Wave

walk outstretched arms to each side
thread the needle arms, twist open each side
1/2 basic vinyasa SLOW x 3 (HP>chaturanga>UD>DD)
slow walk to top of mat

Warming Wave

3 rounds progressive twisting namaskar
utkatasana w/ alternating arms || utktasana open twist ea side || utkatasana prayer twist ea side
basic vinyasa to DD
1LDD > lunge
supported twist pulsation || crescent lunge open twist pulsation || open twist to high lunge twist
basic vinyasa to DD
side 2

Core Cultivation

from DD knees down
forearms down, hands clasped
forearm plank > hip dips w/ shoulders square
sphinx, release hands
forearm plank hugging alternate knees in
forearm side plank pulsation ea side

Evolution Wave 1

utkatasana > ardha utkatasana > crane
leg lifts w/ hands clasped to back of thigh
vira 3 (hands to heart)
lunge > 1LDD > cross core plank > open core plank
lunge > vira 1
parsvottanasana lower half way then hold
trikonasana, bind top arm
ardha chandrasana B w/ bind
SS > taps to gomukhasana, fold
SS > uttanasana
side 2, utkatasana

Evolution Wave 2

utkatasana >ardha utkatasana> twisting crane
padangusthasana w/o bind
vira 3 (airplane arms)
lunge > 1LDD > cross core plank to parivrtta vasisthasana > open core plank to vasisthasana
lunge > vira 1
parsvottanasana, lower half way then hold
parivrtta trikonasana
prasarita padottanasana
side 1: twist, hop feet together, parsva bakasana prep
side 2: prayer twist in skandasana ea side, hop feet together, parsva bakasana ea side
hop feet apart > prasarita padottanasana
lunge to front > SS > taps to ardha matsyendrasna
SS > uttanasana
side 2, utkatasana

Peak  Wave 

utkatasana >ardha utkatasana> crane
garudasana twist > parivrtta padangusthasana
padangusthasana w/o bind
slowly lower, parivrtta ardha chandrasana B
transition thru skandasana to back of mat
side 2, utkatasana
end in DD

Peak Wave

1LDD > open hip > wild thing
ardha kapotasana w/ ardha dhanurasana leg
janu sirsasana (parighasana variation)
upavistha konasana
janu sirsasana side 2
pigeon side 2 w/ ardha dhanurasana leg
1LDD side 2 > open hip > wild thing

Closing Wave

lower to belly
eka pada ardha dhanurasana
urdhva dhanurasana
wide leg twisting/spine neutralizer
ananda balasana
downward facing twist ea side
adho mukha savasana