sahaja vidyodaya

Physical Focus ||  muscular energy + shoulder opening
Energetic Focus || I AM enough. 
Pilgrimage Pose || eka pada malasana, urdhva dhanurasana, parsva bakasana
Class Length || 60-75 min

Instead of placing the burden of proof on your practice to validate any part of you, begin with enough.  This practice is enough, my breath is enough, I am enough.  This goes beyond the machinery of your body alone, this happens on much more subtle levels.  Can you be kind to your body in times of challenge, can you be strong in times of inward reflection?  This surrender to enough can bring about spontaneous awakening (sahaja vidyodaya) where we begin to operate from fullness.  This is aparigraha, a recognition of abundance in the universe and a rising above scarcity.  Enough is not a dirty word - it is inherently generous.


marichyasana legs w/ clasped right shin, opp straight leg lifts x 3
marichyasana C - unbound, gentle twist
marichyasana A w/hands reaching back --> eka pada malasana (pistol squat) x 3
cross right leg over left
supported twist
core plank alternating (SLOW) to back of mat
side 2, reverse direction

Transition: rock + roll to alternate eka pada malasana (EPM)
hold with right leg extended
EPM -> ball pose -> standing splits (SS) w/ right leg lifted
ball pose, side 2
repeat 2-3 times each side

Warming Wave

right leg extends in EPM -> SS
lower right leg back
1LDD (left leg lifts)
hop right foot forward standing splits
lower into EPM with left leg extending (option to transition thru ball pose)
navasana - reach finger tips forward + press into mat
tap alternate toes
lower left leg into EPM
side 2
navasana - reach finger tips forward + press into mat
tap both legs together
press feet down

Warming Wave: Surya Namaskar B x 3 w/ dolphin

Complete Surya Namaskar B 3 times with anjaneyasana, crescent, warrior 1
between sides: knees down, forearms down -> dolphin w/ anjali mudra, sirsasana B arms, pincha mayurasana arms

Evolution Wave 1

uttanasana - ball pose
EPM - right leg extends
SS (right leg lifts)
lunge -> 1LDD (left)
leaning lunge (arms forward)
crouching crane w/ peaceful fists <-> leaning lunge x 3
standing crane
straighten left leg, sweep left leg back w/o letting it touch the ground
vira 3, lower hands
uttanasana, side 2

Evolution Wave 2
Repeat Wave 1 to vira 3, lower hands
parivrtta ardha chandrasana B
lift torso, twisted crescent lunge pulsation
hands to heart, high lunge twist
prayer twist - optional parsva bakasana
uttanasana - ball pose
side 2

Transition: ball pose, jump back into chaturanga -> adho mukha svanasana (DD)
lower knees, forearms
forearm side plank, hug top knee into chest, extend leg
top foot behind, wild thing
sphinx, side 2
dolphin, alternating 1L up, pincha mayurasana prep

Evolution Wave 2

uttanasana - ball pose
EPM - right leg extends
SS (right leg lifts)
lunge -> 1LDD (left)
exhale half pigoen - quad stretch
core plank
standing splits
garudasana taps to full garudasana
vira 3
standing splits
EPM (side 2)
end seated

Backbending Wave: Bridge + Urdhva Dhanurasana

Inversion Wave: Pincha Mayurasana

sirsasana B hands with head lifted
walk feet in like dolphin
untuck toes, draw tops of feet in
lift both knees into chest
try to keep head lifted

Closing Wave

downward facing twist ea side  w/ both legs
upavistha konasana w/ side waist opening
Fold forward with block supporting ajna