Find the Person in the Pose

Physical Focus || Shoulder Opening + Strength
Energetic Focus || Find the Person Inside the Pose
Pilgrimage Pose || pincha mayurasana pattern
Class Length || 60-75 min

Opening Wave

being on belly
inside out yoga mudra, stretch side bodies
ananda balasana - check in with hips
supta gomukhasana ea side
roll to left side
press onto shins
bharadvajasana variation w/ side bend + twist
transition thru salamba navasana, side 2
table, cat/cow integrating shoulders, side 2
hip circles (right) - extend leg out
thread needle (right arm under)
straight leg lifts
side 2

Wave 1

hop to ball pose
low parsva bakasana prep
make it bigger transitioning through uttanasana
press-up handstand prep x 3
hop the feet wide
skandasana to lizard (to front)
move through supported goddess
skandasana to lizard (to back)
repeat w/ hand to knee twist, supported twist, upright twisting crescent, high lunge prayer twist (not shown)
hold goddess - shoulder dips

Core Cultivation

HP, alternating knee to opp tricep
progress to bent elbows as knees come in
HP, alternating knee to chest
progress to chaturanga b/w sides
twist alternating hips to earth (like parsva bakasana prep)
slow walk to top of mat

Wave 2

Surya Namaskar B (Dancing Warrior Variation)
Utkatasana, hands to heart
alternating legs extend forward
BV to DD
1LDD (right)
open core plank (right knee to right tricep) x 3
last time, lower to chaturanga
vira 1, forearms together then press arms straight with palms touching
BV to DD (slow)
side 2
repeat from DD 2 more rounds each side, 1 breath to movement thru vira

Wave 3

HP to belly
ardha bhekasana quad stretch
locust w/ yoga mudra, tap feet
side 2
crescent lunge - reach for opp elbows
slide arms forward eagle arms (w/ left arm under)
HP to belly
dhanurasana w/o bind
locust w/ yoga mudra, tap feet
side 2

Transition Between waves

BV to DD
side 2

Wave 4

BV to DD
1LDD, backbending variation
low lunge take strap with you as you rise
vira 1 w/ gomukhasana arms
prasarita padottanasana w/ bind
release strap 1/2 lift
side 1: prasarita padottanasana twist, reach extended arm OH, ea side
side 2: tripod headstand option
take the strap with you low lunge
standing crane
dancer pose w/ strap
handstand hops to chaturanga
BV to DD

Between Sides

DD - knees down
interlace the fingers (like headstand)
dolphin  walk feet in + out
side 2

Transition Between Waves

vasisthasana - taps with top hand to bottom wrist
BV to DD
side 2

Wave 5

urdhva hastasana - cactus arms
SS (right leg lifts) - lower back leg to parallel, reach opp arm overhead
left hand to left hip, open for rev. ACB
right hand to right hip ACB - option for chandra chapasana
vira 2
reverse vira with back arm bound
keep bind, baddha parsvakonasana
lizard pose
1/2 bakasana, 1/2 titibasana
transition thru bakasana
side 2

Transition Between Waves (not shown)

vasisthasana - chakrasana (wild thing)
BV to DD
side 2

Wave 6

1/2 Forearm Stand at Wall
supported setu bandhasana w/ block behind heart + head
setu bandhasana
urdhva dhanurasana
wide leg twisting

Closing Wave

ananda balasana
supta garudasana twist ea side
supta baddha konasana w/ strap around hips + blanket under knees