Yoga for Athletes: Psoas Awakening

Physical Focus || psoas awakening + opening
Energetic Focus || connecting with intuitive body, movement meditation
Pilgrimage Pose || externally rotated standing asana
Class Length || 60-75 min

Opening Wave

Supine bridge, sacrum supported on block
hug right knee to chest, extend left leg out anchor thru left heel (psoas lengthening)
fingers interlaced behind right thigh
press leg into hands, hands draw back into leg (psoas awakening)
straighten right leg any amount (leg doesn't come past 90°)
bend left knee, bring foot to earth
right foot down, side 2
setubandhasana w/ block between knees x 3
hold on third round
hug block between knees, extend alternate legs straight out w/o tilting pelvi

Core Cultivation

place block between feet, lift shoulders/sit bones
explore lifting on the inhale vs exhale
keeping block, lift and lower legs to 45°
remove block
static psoas awakening, thighs even with hips, knees bent to 90°
press palms to center of thighs firmly
yogi twisting, opp elbow to knee (don't let knees come past hips)
progress to arms stretching, then legs straight
supine urdhva hastasana

Warming Wave

Surya Namaskar B w/ two rounds of vira 1 each side
repeat w/ 2 rounds vira 1 → crescent lunge + yoga mudra backbending
repeat w/ 2 rounds vira 1 → humble vira hip opening

Evolution Wave 1

urdhva hastasana - hands to hip creases
press back of heart open w/ gentle bend in knees
uttanasana w/ knees bent
ragdoll uttanasana
BV to DD
1LDD (right)
supported twist - open to backbend
lizard, allow knee to drop open
reach for back foot
anjaneyasana w/ arms OH
right hand to hip, left arm circles up and over
repeat with opp arm
both hands to hip creases, press back of heart open
parighasana → ardha vira 2 w/ psoas awakening
fold forward
hip mandala
lunge ←→ chaturanga alternating feet
BV to DD
side 2

anahatasana between waves

Evolution Wave 2

urdhva hastasana, cactus arms
uttanasana w/ knees bent
vira 2 - arms OH
utthita parsvakonasana (bottom arm reaches perp)
parsvakonasana - psoas release in back leg (block to outside of foot)
move the block further back away from foot
vira 2
side 1: horse stance w/ inside out yoga mudra, alternating transverse lunge, hold + twist
side 2: horse stance w/ side waist opening (like parsvakonasana)
BV to DD
side 2

dolphin ←→ DD between waves

Evolution Wave 3

urdvha hastasana - shiva mudra
side bend, standing backbend
vira 2 - arms OH
straighten front leg
utthita trikonasana (bottom arm reaches perp)
trikonasana - psoas release in back leg (block to outside of foot)
move the block further back away from foot
side 1: prasarita padottanasana D
side 2: samakonasana
BV to DD
side 2

vasisthasana - press heart open, top knee bent ea side between waves

Wall Work - Shoulder Opening

balasana facing wall w/ anjali mudra, forearms to wall, chin to chest
balasana w/ arms walking up wall, chin to chest
standing DD (hands to wall)
vira 3 (right leg lifts)
stack hips ardha chandrasana B, extended leg side arm reaches over head, opp arm down
side 2
DD w/ heels to wall
urdhva prasarita eka padasana (right leg lifts)
walk hands back toward wall
press into hands to lift standing foot, slide it forward
lower shin along wall under knee comes down
quad breather
side 2
cobra w/ shins to wall → optional ardha pincha mayurasana w/ feet on wall

Backbending Wave

setubandhasana reaching for ankles
urdhva dhanurasana

Closing Wave

roll to right side
press up bharadvajasana variation
side bend + twist
four leaf clover, lift hips
ardha kapotasana, fold forward
reverse the order to complete side 2
downward facing twist ea side
adho mukha savasana